Jacqueline Kimberly's affinity for, and understanding of, the inherent intimacy of both art and design, is much of what makes each one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, eminently compelling.

Since launching her jewelry collection, Jacqueline Kimberly in 2006, she has drawn from her roots in the art world - she is a gallerist and enjoyed an extensive career as a curator - creating intricate and sophisticated creations, each one unique. Poetic and elegant, Jacqueline's signature draping of fine gemstones with high karat gold chain, embodies the romantic nostalgia of old Hollywood while also embracing contemporary culture.

Jacqueline works in a range of registers, meticulously choosing every jewel herself. Each element preserves its inherent beauty while adding an integral facet to the entirety of the one -of-a- kind, hand-made piece. This esoteric design approach shares a kindred sensibility with the woman who values a classic, timeless aesthetic yet boasts her own individuality.

In 2010 Jacqueline followed her heart, returning to Palm Beach, where her inspiration blossomed.

I grew up coming to this very beach. Everywhere I go I see pure, indigenous color - The gardens, the tropics, the sea, the bright sky. My family is here. Their love and support help me to grow, but so does our shared love of art. - trips to museums, galleries and sculpture gardens. My world has always been steeped in fine art and design.

Moved by the lush, tropical landscape of South Florida, Jacqueline K. Franks translates her detailed renderings of Flora and Fauna into precious, sculptural, feminine adornment.